Drug Testing for UBER & LYFT Drivers

We got three phone today calls from UBER Drivers needing a drug test so I am not sure if UBER is now requiring drug testing.  In any event, National Drug Screening can provide drug testing for UBER or LYFT drivers with same day fast and easy service.

Do you want to get into an UBER or LYFT without the confidence the driver has had a background check and a drug test. Safety is a big priority in the transportation industry.

We received phone calls today from New York City, Lost Angeles and Atlanta for drug test requests for UBER drivers.  These drug screens were performed today at our local facilities in those cities:

Quest Diagnostics – NYC 4071 Broadway PSC – Medical Laboratory – Address: 4071 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Quest Diagnostics Los Angeles – Beverly PSC – Medical Laboratory – Address: 2105 Beverly Blvd #105, Los Angeles, CA 90057

LabCorp – Medical Laboratory – Address: 550 Peachtree St NE #1460, Atlanta, GA 30308

New York City is required UBER and LYFT drivers to obtain a license from the New York TLC (NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission). A TLC license does require a drug test.

With one phone call a drug screen can be ordered for same day service, and the order form is sent via e-mail and can be shown at our local drug test facilities in all areas of the country.  Depending on where the UBER driver is located we have local facilities including all Quest Diagnostic Facilities and all LabCorp facilities.

UBER and LYFT do require drivers to get (and pass) a drug test within 24 hours of being involved in an accident while driving for the ride sharing services.

UBER started in 2008 with a concept to make it easy to get a cab.  The initial idea was to request black cars in metropolitan areas.  Now UBER offers all types of cars available with the press of a button on your phone and in all areas of the United States and international also.  UBER is actually in over 385 cities worldwide.

Not without controversy, UBER has had challenges from strong taxi cab unions in cities across America.  Taxi unions in cities such as Boston, Denver, New York, San Francisco and other areas are not pleased with the explosion of Uber’s popularity.  UBER drivers do not need a commercial license to pick up drivers, which means they are not restricted by the same regulations as official taxis. This has pissed off a lot of cabbies in cities pretty much everywhere, who argue that Uber is undermining their business by driving down prices and offering services that regular taxi services cannot.  UBER seems to have plenty of attorneys and legal teams to fight off these challenges.

There have been incidents which can happen in any industry or any situation.  There was an incident that attracted outrage against UBER that occurred in San Francisco, when an Uber driver hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a crosswalk. It appears UBER is not liable because no passengers were in the car and the driver was not yet picking up or dropping off anyone.

Background checks and drug tests are a good idea for any person transporting the general public.  If UBER or LYFT are in fact now requiring drug testing of its drivers, this is a good idea.  National Drug Screening is available for all UBER or LYFT drivers to arrange for drug testing in all areas of the United States.  Same day drug testing service is available and ask for the special UBER or LYFT price.

Drug Testing for UBER Drivers
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