DATIA Improves the Standard for DOT Supervisors, Collectors and Trainers


DATIA, The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association just completed their “Train the Trainer” Educational Conference in Houston Texas. The purpose of the conference is to improve the knowledge and expertise of drug screen collectors, Industry Trainers, Supervisors, and DERs (Designated Employer Representatives).

Melbourne, FL –March 8, 2016—National Drug Screening President and DATIA Board Member, Joe Reilly, announced that VP of Business Development, Tom Fulmer, has completed an additional certification to become a Trainer of Supervisors for DOT and non-DOT regulated companies. Fulmer who joined the company in 2015 is also a Certified Professional Collector and will be receiving his CPCT (Certified Professional Collector Trainer) later this month. As VP of Business Development, he oversees community outreach, sales and marketing for drug testing and Consortium/TPA Sevices, and training that is offered for both DOT regulated and non-DOT regulated companies.

National Drug Screening president, Joe Reilly, a former Chairman of the Board for DATIA, stated that DATIA is a “driving force for continued innovation and improvement in drug testing policy and practices and I am excited to have people like Tom Fulmer on our team that are passionate about our industry and motivated to constantly improve both services to our clients and standards in the industry”.

The DATIA conference had attendees from the industry as well as employers who attended workshops for collectors, DERs and Supervisors plus programs covering DOT Audits and Train the Trainer Programs. The next industry conferences are the FTA conference March 21-25 in Sacramento, CA and then the DATIA National Conference in Las Vegas, NV which is held from April 25th– 30th , 2016.

About Our Company

National Drug Screening (NDS) assists employers in reducing liability, improving safety, and attracting and retaining better employees by providing drug testing services, supervisor training, DFW policy development, and other employer resources. In addition to testing for employers and individuals, NDS provides MRO services, software, and training to assist other drug testing service providers. For more information, contact Tom Fulmer, Business Development Manager, at 866.843.4545 x107.

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DATIA Improves the Standard for DOT Supervisors, Collectors and Trainers

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