Creating The Best Experience For Drug Test Donors

Whether it’s a five-panel drug test, a ten-panel test, or something else entirely, drug testing has become a major part of how our country operates. But while employers and those who require a test to occur don’t have to worry too much about the process beyond the results, those who actually have to take the test will often have their entire outlook on testing changed by whatever experience they have.

As such, it’s important that the person taking the test – called the donor in most cases – experiences a hassle free process that is optimized for their convenience and for the best results possible.

There are many different aspects of any drug testing process that can impact the overall experience for the donor, and no matter if they’re taking a five panel drug test or some other type of screening, it’s vital that they get the best results. Here are three key ways that you can help us ensure that they receive the optimal experience during their drug testing process.

Set Up An Appointment

Appointments make everything easier, ensuring that the entire process goes smoothly and that everyone involved has a good experience. Some key points to remember here include:

· Locate the right location for the drug test using the online scheduling tool
· Schedule a single person for each time slot that is available, being sure to consider the method of collection being used and the length of time it will take to complete the test
· Avoid sending multiple donors at the same time to cut down on hassle

Not only can you set up an appointment, you can also order the drug test online and send the drug test donor pass to the applicant or employee via e-mais.  Learn more about electroinic scheduling and eCCF.

Follow Site Etiquette

There actually are several key things that you can inform the donor of to ensure that they have the optimal experience. One of the biggest issues? Children tagging along. Donors shouldn’t bring their children to the screening for several reasons including:

· Nobody but the donor is allowed in the collection site, and there is no childcare provided at any drug testing facility
· Unsupervised children in waiting rooms can have a negative impact on the experience that everyone waiting for their screening has
· Restroom access at a testing site is very limited due to the fact that the collection occurs there. As such, children won’t have easy access to a restroom

Use On-Site Collections

Collection sites require that employees leave the office, something that can increase overall costs significantly since employees may be away from work for as long as an hour or more. But on-site collections are becoming available and can help make it easier than ever to complete any drug test and provide an optimal experience.

Creating The Best Experience For Drug Test Donors
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