Court Ordered Drug Test

What is a Court Ordered Drug Test?

Many court systems in the United States will require or mandate a court-ordered drug test for criminal or misdemeanor offenders. This court-ordered drug test might be based on criminal or civil cases. The judge may require you to take a drug test. Other examples of court-ordered drug testing include divorce cases and child custody cases. If you are on probation and violate it, you might be required to take additional court-ordered drug tests.

What type of Court Ordered Test is Required?

The court-ordered drug testing might be with a urine specimen or hair specimen. Urine drug testing will have a 4-5 day look-back period while hair drug testing will have a longer detection period of approximately 7-90 days. The following drugs might be required to be in the court-ordered drug test panel:

It is important that when a court system requires you to obtain a drug test that you get clear accurate information about what specimen type is required and what drugs are required. Once you have this information it is easy to get your drug testing completed in any area of the United States. Immediate court-ordered drug testing is available with just one phone call to 866-843-4545 or Order Online. Representatives at National Drug Screening will take care of everything you need for a court-ordered drug test. All court-ordered drug testing services are confidential.

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