Calling in your Color

What does color or colors have to do with drug testing?  In many cases, you might be on probation and your terms of probation require drug testing when your color comes up. So you call in for your color.

When you call in for your color and your color comes up, National Drug Screening can help you with your probation drug test anywhere in the United States.  Our drug test centers are located near you, everywhere in the country.

What happens when you are on vacation when you call in for your color and your color comes up?  If you are on vacation when you call in for your color, no problem, National Drug Screening can help you with one phone call or click to get you in for a drug test today.  Just call 866-843-4545 or Click to Order and we can provide same day drug testing service.

What drug test should you order for probation?  Most probation tests are either:

  1. Five Panel Drug Test: Opiates (including Heroin, Codeine and Morphine, Amphetamines (including Methamphetamine and Ecstasy), Cocaine, Marijuana, and Phencyclidine (PCP). This is the most common drug test ordered.
  2. Five Panel + Alcohol Urine Drug Test: ETH – Alcohol, AMP-Amphetamines (MAMP-Methamphetamine, MDMA-Ecstasy), COC-Cocaine, OPI-Opiates (including heroin, codeine and morphine), THC-Marijuana and PCP-Phencyclidine.

If the terms of your probation require alcohol testing, ask whether the alcohol test can be a urine test or if it has to be a breath alcohol test with a breathalyzer or breathalyzer.  The urine alcohol test will be much less expensive and save you money.

When calling in your color drug test, be prepared with all your information.  Our drug test specialists are ready to help you today with fast accurate and professional service.  National Drug Screening is one of less than 50 companies in the United States to be Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (NAADATP).  Choose the professional drug testing company with competitive affordable prices.

We don’t have a color system, they just told me to get random testing.  If this is the case, National Drug Screening has programs to help you with random testing for probation.  Our drug testing specialists manage random testing programs for many individuals on probation.  With one phone call we can get you all set up.

All types of drug tests are available from National Drug Screening.  Every day we get phone calls for probation drug tests, court ordered tests, child custody cases, divorce cases and attorney referrals.

Calling in your Color
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