Become an HR Super Hero

Become an HR Super Hero

Last updated on October 2nd, 2020 at 05:07 pm

The Space Coast HR Conference is a great opportunity HR professionals to come together, learn, and network. The conference is host by the South Brevard Society for Human Resource Management (SBSHRM) and the Space Coast Human Resource Association (SCHRA) and the 2017 Conference is the 20th Anniversary of this Annual HR Conference in Brevard County!

National Drug Screening is proud to be a part of the conference and supports the objectives of both  SCHRA and SBSHRM which are to promote sound principles and standards of Human Resource management; to foster professional growth by providing opportunities for education, research, and exchange of knowledge; and to promote the value of the Human Resources profession in the community.

SHRM Chapters across the country are dedicated to:

  • Providing leadership and support for the growth and development of their members
  • Providing a forum for personal growth through interaction and resource exchange
  • Providing opportunities for their members to network with other professionals
  • Fostering the highest professional standards and ethics of their members
  • Strengthening alliances with other HR organizations throughout the state & country and continuing to extend professional certification

Supported by HR professionals and corporate sponsors, these chapters represent a community of professionals seeking to raise the standards of performance in all phases of Human Resource management. They both host monthly professional development meetings and annual events featuring renowned local and national speakers. These speakers provide members with new and innovative approaches to all areas of Human Resource practices. Their professional development meetings and events provide members and guests with opportunities to network with other business professionals and share best practices.

At National Drug Screening, we encourage HR professionals and supervisors to continue to join professional organizations such as the SHRM chapters; this will help you keep up with issues relating to your job, give you access to information and resources, and help you connect with those that can assist in making aspects of your job, such as drug testing, simple, efficient, and compliant with state and federal laws.