Katherine Miller

State Laws Drug Testing

Understanding Drug Testing State Laws

How do States regulate drug free workplace and drug testing programs? Understanding the variety of laws that could impact a workplace drug testing program and

Marijuana Federal and State Laws

The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Testing

There is much confusion about marijuana drug testing in the workplace, employers need to make decisions.  What are the pros and cons? Guest Author: Katherine

Update on OSHA Post-Accident Drug Testing

OSHA Post-Accident Drug Testing

February 2018 – Recent years have brought about myriad changes in the screening industry, both big and small. 2017 brought updated Department of Health and

2017: Drugs in the Millennial World

Drugs in the Millennial World

Drugs in the Millennial World The latest Federal government survey show that in the United States among people aged 12 or older, 59.3 million people