All You Need To Know About Five Panel Urine Drug Tests

Drug screenings are becoming more and more commonplace throughout the country, with employers using them to screen potential employees, identify potential causes of accidents, and more. But while there are plenty of things to consider about these types of drug tests, one thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that there are several different options. One of the most common is the 5-panel urine drug test.

The Basics Of The Test

These drug tests look for the most common types of drugs that are abused today, and offer the additional benefits of being easy to administer, more affordable than other options, and still highly accurate. The 5-panel urine drug test screens for five major types of drugs including:

  • THC
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates

These make up the majority of the drugs that are abused in this nation, and will cover a variety of specific drugs. For instance, the opiates tested for will include virtually any kind of opioid based medication ranging from oxycontin to Vicodin. The 5-panel urine drug test is largely considered to be the industry standard.

Testing Basics

There are numerous times when the 5-panel urine drug test may be used. The main one is during employment pre-screening. Employers use the urine test to identify potential employees who don’t have the drive to succeed as part of the company, and these screenings make it easy to get those results fast.

You can usually just wait a few days to get back results from your specimens, presenting one of the fastest turnarounds in the country. Additionally, the tests are much more affordable than other options like a hair follicle test. However, they are less accurate than hair or blood screenings, and more expensive than a traditional urine specimen.

Getting The Best Results

The 5-panel urine drug test is fast and affordable, but it’s important to remember that you may need to add additional types of drugs to the screen if needed. There are 7 and even 10 drug panel screenings, though not all of them will be able to fit the needs of a specific business or employer.

Simply put, be sure that you choose the best possible urine test for your company’s needs and then administer it properly. Doing so can help give you peace of mind and improve workplace safety in a big way.

All You Need To Know About Five Panel Urine Drug Tests
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