A Guide To Creating A Drug Free Alabama Workplace

Alabama has recently begun to take the first steps towards legalizing medical marijuana in a limited way. In April of 2019, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-2 in favor of a bill that would allow for medical marijuana sales to move forward.

The goal is to help patients recover from illnesses without having to turn to dangerous, addictive opioids and to help restrict the forms that users could access marijuana in. But even if medical marijuana does move forward in the state, there will still be a need for employers to use a 10 panel drug test for employee drug screening in Alabama.

However, there are a few basic steps and guidelines to keep in mind when creating a drug free Alabama workplace and keeping your employees sober. Here are some of the main things you’ll want to focus on.

• Start by reviewing the regulations within the state – especially if the new medical marijuana laws go into effect.

• Consider your own workplace and the kind of policy you’ll need. You must create a formal written workplace policy that breaks down what is allowed and what isn’t.

• Educate your employees on the drug policy as well as the repercussions for violation.

• Provide access to employee assistance programs for those who may or may not be struggling with drug use.

Once that you have this policy in place and explain it to your employees, the next step is simply enacting it. You’ll need to use a 10 panel drug test to scan for drug use, including marijuana and other drugs. This way you can identify those who are using drugs and maintain a drug free workplace quickly and effectively.

Remember however that you have to be willing to allow employees to use marijuana if legally allowed to for medical issues. You don’t have to tolerate drug use on the job site, but off-duty employees who aren’t in a position that requires them to be drug-free for safety will still be able to use marijuana if the new Alabama drug laws pass.

Of course, a 10-panel drug test doesn’t just look for marijuana use – it will identify additional drugs and ensure that your employees are totally safe and that you have a drug free workplace. The right kind of drug screening facilities will be vital for making sure that you are able to keep a safe workplace for everyone

How To Create A Drug Free Alabama Workplace
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