A Closer Look At Lab Based And Instant Drug Testing

Drug testing has come a long way over the last several years. Today’s test can look for a larger number of potential drugs and can do so with much more accuracy. There are also more options for testing – in particular, what speed one wants results with.

There are two main types of drug testslab-based testing and instant or rapid drug testing. Each has its pros and cons that make them worth looking at a bit more closely.

Instant or Rapid Drug Testing

This type of drug testing and analysis uses a basic kit that is purchased and used by the organization doing the testing. They collect the sample and follow the instructions and get fast results – usually within seconds or minutes – that can tell them whether or not a person has used drugs.

Lab Based Drug Testing

Lab-based drug testing and analysis is another option that has been around much longer. Samples are collected and sent to a lab, where they are tested and then the results are sent back to the organization. There is a longer turnaround time here, but often the results are more accurate.

Which Is Right For You?

With these two options available, it’s important to make a decision based on what fits your specific needs the most. While instant testing is commonly used by employers for a pre-employment drug test or random drug testing in the workplace, lab based testing is still the only type of testing allowed by various government agencies.

The reason is that lab-based testing offers more accuracy and the ability to test for a larger number of substances. Plus, lab-based drug testing provides a second test to confirm the initial result. It may cost a slight bit more, but for most people who are looking for accuracy, it’s worth the additional cost.

Either way, drug testing is important for many organizations and even many individuals. It’s a constant part of life today, and it’s a good idea to have a clear idea about it and how it works.

A Closer Look At Lab Based And Instant Drug Testing
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