A Closer Look At Insurance Related Drug Testing

Drug testing has become a common part of life in the US. But while it’s often used in situations such as employment screening as part of the hiring process for work, another key reason that drug testing is often used is in an insurance-related situation. Many insurance scenarios may require you to take a lab drug test. Some of the most common ones include:

  • For many insurance companies, providing a health or life insurance policy often requires that the insured takes a lab drug test to show that they aren’t abusing drugs that could increase the risk of health issues or accidents.
  • Employers often require drug testing to take place as part of a worker’s compensation claim. This shows that drugs or alcohol weren’t a factor in the accident that occurred in the workplace, which would void a claim.
  • In a situation where an auto accident occurred, a lab drug test may be used to show fault or negligence during a liability case. Showing that one party was intoxicated could have a dramatic impact on the way that a case proceeds.
  • Similarly, cases of premises liability – often called ‘slip and fall’ personal injury – could require that a drug or alcohol test occur as well. The reason is simply to show that the injury wasn’t related to the use of drugs or alcohol.

Whether it’s receiving an insurance policy or supporting a claim filed to an insurance company, drug testing has become a very important part of the insurance field and as such anyone who is involved in a claim or an application for a policy will need to remember that these tests could play a direct role in their results. As such, understanding drug testing and even taking a self-administered test could help ensure that you’re able to move ahead as you planned.

A Closer Look At Insurance Related Drug Testing
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